Barrington Watson- Out of Many, One People (1962)

Whilst researching, I stumbled upon this painting by Barrington Watson, a stunning portrayal of Jamaican people after 300 years of colonial rule, a beautiful celebration of how diverse our people are, although this piece was published in 1962, you can stop anywhere in Jamaica today at any bus stop and see this very painting before your eyes. It would be some what interesting if this notion of creating a narrative celebrating this very identity and cultural development, by using textiles as my canvas, taking what would be considered a contemporary approach i.e digital print, photographic digital print. By taking a contemporary approach would showcase the advancement of Jamaican craft today, of wh


“Titled using Jamaica’s National Motto, Out of Many One People was done in the year of the island’s independence, 1962 and represented Watson’s visualization of a culturally, socially and racially unified Jamaican populace getting ready to move forward at the end of over 300 years of colonial rule”- National Gallery of Jamaica, 3rd Febuary 2012

“Out of Many, One People shows people at a bus stop, waiting to take the bus into the future. There are many people, young and old, middle class and working class, black, white, Indian and Chinese”

–  Barrington Watson


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