Leather swimwear inspiration



After viewing archive images of the Arawak Indian’s; I instantly knew that I wanted to explore leather.The fashion of there day seemed to feature lots of leather accessories like arm and foot bands, trim finishing on hemlines to full garment separates much like the bra featured above. I started to explore the design notion of Leather swimwear; I loved the simplicity of these leather bikini bras, I felt this would be a interesting take on the Arawak Indian shapes and Silhouettes taken from there native dress. The bras have a effortless chic about them, that wouldn’t necessarily go out of fashion, I guess the best thing about creating something inspired by culture is that with time they can be viewed as such; snapped shots or time frames of Cultural Identity and with time be received as a classic and timeless piece of which I wish my work to be viewed as.

Image Credit-  http://wheretoget.it/explore/leather-bikini

To further help me understand Swimwear design and it’s origins is the fashion history, I brought a book titled, ‘the best in swimwear design’- Joy Mckenzie, (1998). Although the book is dated, it was inspirational to see the swimwear shapes evolve throughout the decades i.e. high waist bikini pants in the 1990’s to the low rise Brazilian bikini pants in early 2000’s. Going forwards, this book coupled with my trend research will enable me to develop outstanding swimwear designs for the luxury market.


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