Timelesstrade: Boutique inspirations

A couple of months back, I was online shopping looking for some new swimwear pieces for my next trip to the West Indies, my very own holiday essentials. I stumbled upon Timelesstrade, which is a independent Fashion brand trading on esty the home of everything handmade and crafted. The fashion pieces that feature in the store not only inspired my personal wardrobe wants, but as my fashion competition. Here I was faced with a British Fashion Designer celebrating Iconic Jamaican Swimwear (The Crochet Bikini), a heritage product. I knew instantly I wanted to create this object as a new ‘modern heritage good’ for the Luxury goods market (with my style and approach).  A large part of being different is thinking of ways to be more innovative (fashion forward) like using interesting textiles or developing new textiles/yarns, like Banana Yarn, made from banana skin and recycled textiles made into yarn like India’s Sari yarn market. I have a few ideas for Yarn development using natural resources.  By taking this approach would mean this product would then be appealing to the emerging Vegan market many of which reside in Jamaica under the Religion of Rastafari and people across the world that think green when purchasing there food or fashion.

After spending days, analysing each piece as part of my competitive shop report and my on going design development process, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to offer more than the classic crochet bikini shape. I wanted to explore structure and basics of this design form and take it to another level. How might I do this, introducing a type of creative cutting which will take the shape into a new direction, adding a flounce/frill or any on trend trims, fringing etc It is crucial I am mindful of the aim of this collection, Celebration of Jamaican identity and cultural development in Jamaica and using it to inform the designs, placing both the concept of the Arawak Indian Native dress and the Iconic Crochet bikini together would make for a interesting design influence for the next swimwear/resort collection.

Crochet Bikini  Handmade Rasta colors 05.



Image Credits; https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/295204611/crochet-bikini-handmade-rasta-colors-05?ref=shop_home_active_24


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