The decline of the String Vest in Modern Britain

Image result for jamaican string vest

The below article, illustrates the decline of the string vest worn by men in British society as a under garment. This article has helped me to attain another view point of the commercialisation of the string vest, here in Britain. It would be interesting to do a survey in the 5* hotels across Jamaica asking the guests if they would purchase a string vest for holiday use? and if they cared about it’s links to Jamaican identity?

This information is key as it forms part of my competitive shop report, and marketing strategy; which will enable me to create a strategic plan of how to best market this product in the hotel shops a Luxury heritage good and apart of a heritage collection. From my on going research of how the tourist dressed in Jamaica, vest/ tank tops in  loose light fitted forms where top choices (Montego Bay Rui 2015) the survey will focus on what the guests want to see in the hotel shop, and price point vs quality.

Image credit; Official World Tour Calendar 2010


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