Bib 4.

Anna. M. Galvin (2014) Sounds of the Citizens: Dancehall and the Community in Jamaica,pp 3-5

The Author notes how the, ‘rhythms of dancehall music reverberate in complicated way throughout the lives of countless Jamaicans’.It has become a mainstream and underground art form that has it’s traditions in bedded deep into slave roots and the need to feel free and be expressive, in doing so the author show a wide variety of dance and musical tradition in Jamaica as a way they escape there day to day lives a live out there night fantasy. The author notes that the by understand the link between fashion identity we can understand Jamaican music identity. This source has been useful as it show another view point of cultural development in the cities of Jamaica, It has made me question the role of Fashion as identity in the pop culture in the Cities and towns.


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