Bib 10.

Brian Meeks, (2007) Envisioning Caribbean Futures: Jamaican Perspectives, The University of the West Indies Press, pp 12-17 

This source clearly lays out the blue print for life after colonisation in the Caribbean, this book is a strong manifesto for dealing with the crisis of globalization in the post-colony through reorganisation of the system, structure and processes. What this books does for me in allow me to look with open eyes at the endless possibilities Jamaican culture will go. Much like my design work, working through the delicate issues in the Caribbean will be a long journey, but along the way there will be clear celebrations at every mile stone we grow our identity.

When creating my Textiles as marks of identity and cultural growth I will take a pragmatic look at this journey to our future, I feel it would be key to explore a visual narrative of the future much like my earlier post of Barrington Watson’s ‘Out of many One people’ Painting where we capture the Multiculturalism at the bus stop, the people at the bus stop are taking a journey into the future of some what 400 years later.


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