Bib 3.

Rex Nettleford (1971) Mirror, Mirror: Identity, Race and Protest in Jamaica, pp.101-104
The Author deals with the ‘Nitty Gitty’ of the Jamaica’s Socio-Economic conditions within the Island in the late 60’s early 70’s. The author makes a clear comparison to much of the Jamaican revolution; to what was happening in neighbouring counties. The pages selected calls attention to the lack and lose of cultural identity and not knowing how to take the cultural development forwards in a positive way. The author shows how the native Jamaican audience has engaged in the demise of it’s people and how they can now action themselves to re-define what it is to be a Jamaican. The source was particularly useful as it has made me question deeply the term ‘what it is to be Jamaican’, although the book is not current; many of the issues raised exist today also within the bibliography are sources that of scholars who are still curating multiculturalism in Jamacia today.

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