Bib 5.

Laurie A.Wilkie, (2002) Vol 34, No3. Culture Brought: Evidence of the Creolization in the Consumer Goods of an Enslaved Bahamian Family pp. 10-26

The Author notes in this article that there is historical marriage of ‘material culture’ in Jamaica and the west indie island. The author explores some of the traditions within the homes in Jamaica from the elite to the less well off. The Author explored the distinguished types of wealth on the island and how they marry together to create trends. The less well off that can not afford the Luxury would create there own home made various of the styles in stores which in turn created more popular trends. The shows this audience that the wearer of these trends both elite and poor both have a common similarity that is desire.

This source is particularly useful as it has allowed me to gather more knowledge of the desire of Luxury good and popular trends have evolved in Jamaica through contrasting group of people who commonly all the desire the same styles and looks.


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