Bib 6.

Sonja Andrews (2008) Textile Semantics: Considering a Communication- based Reading of Textiles, Textile, 6:1, 32-65

The author notes the importance of communication through textiles as a valid historical document of socio-economical landscape of the day. The author explores texts relating to commemorative and narrative textile traditions and symbolism within textile motifs. The source has helped me to understand the ways in which I will be able to critically design a textile with imagery that creates my visual narrative of identity and cultural development.This source is relevant to my study because me and the author share the same desire to document history on fabric. The source raises some interesting points of view such as the ways in which Toile de jouy’s narrative is laid out of the fabric, if the positioning was changed would the historical narrative read differently, it is these elements that I wish to keep in mind whilst at the development stage of my Identity narrative.


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