Bib 7.

Joanne Entwistle (2007) Fashion and the Fleshy Body: Dress as Embodied Practice (Fashion Theory The Journal of Dress Body & Culture) 4(3):323-347

From this I have taken the ideology and theory of dressing the body and how much of the body we wish to cover and expose. This source relates directly to the Vulgar exhibition and how fabric, fashioned on the flesh can become vulgar in its self by exploring to much designer fabric or to less and it’s relationship to the wearer. Jamaica Dancehall culture, has this very undercurrent of sexualisation, provocativeness and sheer shock factor. This source was a fantastic read as it has allowed me to view the textiles and the Naked body in new view point. As I am dealing with swimwear design which in it’s self is a object that shows or covers up areas of the body. It will now be the areas I leave covered up or exposed that I wish to play with. Fashion and the Fleshy Body has a very strong Bibliography so I will be viewing more sources that cover this they fascinating theory which I will link directly to my own very naked culture.


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