Bib 8.

Dr Cybele T. Gontar, (2013) Vol 14. No 1. A Fashion for Abolition, common- place Journal

The author notes how ‘Traite des Negres’ (ca.1825) production was a commemorative Toile de Jouy that celebrated the abolish of slavery and featured anti-slavery narratives on the printed paper or fabric. The Traite is a clear symbol of the Atlantic world, the central commercial slave trading zones which meant the very cotton slaves where laboring over was the very elegant printed cotton anti slavery narratives where being printed on.

This source was a very deep read as it showcases another form on communication/ historical visual textiles how best to approach the issues of sourcing. Who and where are your natural sources coming from, it’s key for me to now allow the message I am delivery to get caught up in the hypocrisy of where these cultural objects are being sources and produces.


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