Bib 9

Ralph Paper (1996) Ethnicity and Identity in the Caribbean: Decentering a Myth, Kellogg Institute, pp.2 -6

Reading this text designated deep within me, as the author explored the truth notion of being Caribbean means you have a unique identity. The author pushes the boundaries of what Caribbean identity encompasses, and how the diverse race is celebrated through many form, of which our culture is still relatively young in comparison to many non colonised counties who have enjoyed thousands of years of freedom which in turn means years of tradition and solid cultural identity. The author further explores the notion of the future of the Caribbean as a growing and deepening band of people who are evolving the traditions of the past.

What I have taken from this source is a wider context of Caribbean identity and how that trickles down into Jamaican society, I can now evaluate the many texts within the book to best question my understanding how the wider Caribbean community feel about there identity in relation to the globalisation in Jamaica.


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