Dancehall fashion Today

The Dancehall fashion of today, (view above source) is a complete contrast to the fashion I viewed in Wayne Tippetts 1990’s photo  images and music videos of the day. In comparison to this years 2016 Caribbean fashion week. The current dancehall fashion scene had a overall miss match property that did not feel authentically placed, like a lose of identity, much like Wayne Tippetts has noted in his bio, he saw the fashion as ‘Ghetto Couture’. From viewing this souce and whilst on my travels in Jamaica, the ladies who now party in the Dancehall no longer home make there outfits, they take a consumerism approach to sourcing there fashion inspiration by whats popular in America’s hiphop culture, they appear to very unapologetic in moving the culture into a new phase where we are no longer showcasing individuality and authentic cultural identity. There seems be a distinct lack of individuality with the current fashion,  and that makes me very sad.

The golden era of Dancehall fashion has come to a punishing demise however in contrast to this, the stunning collections displayed at  Caribbean way fashion week, everywhere appear to be going from strength to strength and becoming a go to show for top resort and swimwear show case as industry trendsetters. I hope showcase my 2nd resort and Swim collection here in 2018.


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