Pam Hogg’s Vulgar Toile de Jouy

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ASVOF-2015-09-24-Pam Hogg, spring 2016 - text by Silvia Bombardini-Silvia Bombardini-20500504.jpg

Whilst visiting the Vulgar Exhibition at the Barbarian I was struck by Pam Hogg’s Toile de Jouy adorned pieces taken from her 2016 Spring/Summer collection titled ‘not-for-sale COURAGE’ heavily inspired my next train of thoughts. Toile De jouy is a key Colonial fabric and would feature heavily in plantation houses of Jamaica and all over the west indies so it has its ties to my heritage but what I though would be more interesting is if I could take this style of historical communicative textiles to draw out the celebration of Jamaican identity ‘Out of Many One People’ narrative. Imagine if the fabric styled just like Toile featured national heros like, Marcus Garvey, Sir Bustamante, Norman Manley , Nanna of the Maroons, the Arawak Indians, Bob Marley and the many founding fathers of Jamaican Music, with our tropical landscape intertwined throughout the narrative and provocative imagery from the women ‘Busin loose’ dancing in the Dancehalls, all of this to name just a few. It would make for a very interesting textile that could then be screen printed or digitally printed onto light weight fabrics ready for fashioning.


Image result for forget me not paper peter saville

The above image along with Pam Hogg’s pieces was also featured at the exhibition,’Forget me not’- Peter Saville and Julie Verhoeven 2001 Spring/Summer Contemporary Toile de Jouy wallpaper print, has reinforced how a provocative contemporary Toile de Jouy could look. It communicates many themes within the piece but have a overall message of sex and violence (pornography) as the over pieces is to me another form of porn it’s just in ‘still life, drawn form’. This piece is outstanding as it allows you to mindfully get lost in the narrative. As you look under and through every object to understand what is happening and its significance.

image credit 1 and 2 ;

image credit 3; ‘Forget me not’- Peter Saville and Julie Verhoeven 2001 Spring/Summer Contemporary Toile de Jouy wallpaper print




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