Roots, Raggae, Rebellion Documentary

accessed via Youtube

This November and December I have noticed on the BBC Iplayer a growing number of historical black cultural docu-series. One of them was this dynamic documentary filmed by the BBC, detailing Jamaica’s post colonial struggle. Within the Roots, Reggae, Revolution and Rebellion documentary it details Jamaica in the 1970s, came alive to the sounds of roots reggae. British rapper, poet and political commentator Akala tells the story of this golden period in the island’s musical history, a time when a small group of musicians took songs of Rastafari, revolution and hope to the international stage.

This source is a stunning observation of Jamaica’s cultural identity and how it evolved in the 1970’s. This source is key to my project and I feel I will watch this source many times during the duration of my project, as I would like research scholars that were interviewed and the stories they discussed about colourism, racism and identity that the Black men of Jamaican yearned to create for themselves having been stripped of theres for hundreds of years.


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