The Top Fashion houses in Jamaica

It’s important for me to know who my island competition is.

Caribbean Fashion week is currently celebrating 15 years, and the event has enabled many of our local designers to become stars in their own rights, as their work has reached a regional and international audience. Today, we highlight a number of these designers, some up-and-comers and a few names of international acclaim.


  1. Bang! Swimwear
  2. Jae Jolly
  3. The Mushroom
  4. Vain Glory
  5. WETswim by Denyque


  1. Carlton Brown
  2. Bill Edwards
  3. Balla Shawn
  4. Romeich Wear
  5. Spokes Apparel by Dexter Huxtable


  1. ASD by Ayanna Dixon
  2. DrennaLUNA
  3. Flowerchild::1999
  4. Cedella Marley
  5. MiSim
  6. Neahlis
  7. Courtney Washington


  1. Reve Jewellery
  2. Yard Trendz
  3. Peace-is of Bianca

International names

  1. Uzuri International
  2. Cushnie et Ochs


Top Jamaican Fashion houses


2 thoughts on “The Top Fashion houses in Jamaica

  1. This is reeeaaally cool. I didn’t even know that we had so many home brands. I mean I knew about Carlton, Dexter and Denyque but DAMN… is a good look.

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