Vulgar Fashion exhibition at the Barbarian

Potent, provocative and sometimes shocking, the word vulgar conjures up strong images, ideas and feelings in us all. The Vulgar is the first exhibition to explore the inherently challenging but utterly compelling territory of taste in fashion, from the renaissance through to contemporary design.- Judith Clark Fashion Curator and Exhibition Maker

Vulgar is the best exhibition I have visited ever, I was totally awe struck with the outstanding curation of the exhibition, every piece in the collection told a passionate story of the Vulgarity within Fashion industry. The very idea of identifying yourslef as differnt throught th style of dress you choose, showing off and competiting with others, instantly reminded me of the Dancehall fashion, it too was provocative, potent and very shocking. I have never though to place a label on the Couture of Jamaican street culture but it truly is Vulgar. ‘Judith Clark references the history of fashion display, which in its self has been accused of vulgarity’. I feel now, that my collection may also straddle the line of Vulgarity and that is fine as it will create this very dialogue about the Jamican idenity and culture.


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