Wayne Tippets: Street Style Aesthetic

Whilst creating a board of Dancehall fashion inspiration on my page on Pinterest. I found various photo images that a photographer named Wayne Tippets had photographed whilst living in Kingston Jamaica in the 1990’s. It has been incredibly hard to find these kinds of images that illustrated the vibrancy of the night and the daring homemade outfits of provocateur. I could view the fine detail on the garments, like the hem finishings, embellishments, applique of tassels and fringing and how they put the overall look together. Each individual in the Dancehall had an aim of out dressing and out dancing each other to become the Dancehall Queen. The Dancehall parties are about escaping your everyday life, running into the night in a ‘Cinderella-esk’ transformation. Tippetts referred to the images he captured in night of Kingston’s Dancehalls as there very own ‘Ghetto Couture’, which I found to a mesmerising caption for the dress in these images as the two words work as a strong antithesis and juxtapose one another to evoke the very images we see below.

I have now considered how the Caribbean curators of the world, would caption my collection. It’s important that this collection leaves a legacy behind like these images so the next generations to come can examine the pieces to understand the many snap shots and times frame of  the development of cultural identity within Jamaica.

Dancehall Queens, House Of Leo, Kingston Jamaica, Circa 1993. <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23JamaicaDancehall" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23JamaicaDancehall&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#JamaicaDancehall search Pinterest">#JamaicaDancehall</a> Photo © Wayne Tippetts

Dancehall Queens, Stone Love Session, House Of Leo, Kingston Jamaica, #JamaicaDancehall 1993, Cargill Ave #Kingston, #Jamaica. #WestIndies #DancehallQueens #jamaicaDancehall #Street #Style #Culture #Black #Jamaican #Club #Dancehall #DancehallTing #SoundSystem #Dance #Ghetto #Bling #Fashion #Moda #Mode #TrashAndReady #Music #Style #JamaicaNice #StreetStyle #Kingston #Jamaica #Reggae #Dancehall #Queen #Girl #Girls #Woman #Women 90sPhoto © Wayne Tippetts:


Image credit; Photograher Wayne Tippetts


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